Dear Colleagues

Currently, there is no licensure regulation proposed to create an Educational Technology Administrator license.

Although many of us come from various backgrounds, we can all agree that we need to bring professionalism and stature to our roles in schools. Therefore, I am strongly encouraging you to request that the “Educational Technology Administrator License” be put in the current regulations.  Since the subject knowledge matter (SMKs) are currently being proposed to be moved out of regulation, there should be a future opportunity for input regarding the SMKs.

METAA and ESE Digital Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) feel strongly that this should be in the regulations. DLAC has made this recommendation for two years to the Commissioner.  METAA made a public comment statement to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on February 28, 2017, see attached memo below.  

Please take this opportunity for our voices to be heard.

NOTE: As you fill out your “Public Comment Survey” on page 2 question 6 is where you want to make a statement in support for an “Educational Technology Administrator License.” You will want to add a few bullet points. Below are a few suggestions but feel free to add your personalized statement. 

  • Educational technology is a unique and complex skill set with a research base
  • Skillful and effective integration of technology with school curriculum is critical to our students’ future, DESE goals, and long-term economic outlook of Massachusetts
  • Creating a licensure with an appropriately high bar for educational technology leaders will promote the most effective and efficient practices at all levels of the LEA

 If you want to reference the proposed 603 CMR 44.00 revisions with tracked changes click here.


Public Comment: Proposed Revisions to Regulation, 603 CMR 44.00 to recommend that the regulation changes include an “Educational Technology Administrator license.”

Annamaria Schrimpf

Advocacy Committee Chair for Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association (METAA)


Annamaria Schrimpf,
Mar 17, 2017, 10:42 AM