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All of our professional development aligns to: The Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO, developed by CoSN.
The framework is comprised of three primary professional categories in the education technology field (click here for the entire Framework). Each of these categories includes 10 specific skill areas, outlining the responsibilities and knowledge needed to be a viable educational technology leader.
The framework provides the basis for CoSN’s Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) Certification. 
This is a certification for K-12 education technology leaders. Earning the CETL certification will demonstrate to your staff, superintendent, and other stakeholders that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to define the vision for and successfully build 21st century learning environments in your school district.

Achieving the CETL designation will:
  • Validate your knowledge of the education technology field and the evolving role of the CTO
  • Distinguish you from your peers
  • Demonstrate dedication to advancing your career
  • Inspire confidence in your superiors